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Cavallo® provides much better visibility into order profitability than BC does on its own. We are stopping low-margin orders that used to get through.

-Tyler Norris, Toolmatics

It's simple. Increase efficiency, save time, and make more money.

Don’t settle for limited control over your orders and partial visibility in Business Central. Fill in the gaps with Cavallo®: the best order management platform for BC. Say goodbye to inefficient order entry and incomplete data, and start reaching your full potential with a powerful solution complete with a no-code workflow engine and a user-friendly UI.

Letting the occasional low-margin order slip through won’t suffice. Your business is growing, so you need a solution that’s scalable enough to meet all your needs, and comprehensive enough to grant you 100% gross margin visibility.

Better software means happier employees and a more positive customer experience. Join the thousands of companies who have improved their bottom line with our solutions, and see immediate ROI.

Supercharge your business with a full suite of solutions for Business Central

Order Management Workflow
Increase order profitability with a user-friendly, no-code workflow engine.

Order Management Dashboard
The single source of truth you've been looking for.

Credit Card Processing
Quick, easy, and powerful payment processing for every order.

Custom Fields
Increase flexibility and data accuracy with unique fields not available in BC.

Cavallo for BC Workflow
  • Automate manual processes across multiple sales channels

  • Achieve end-to-end visibility

  • Get clear, actionable data

  • Experience more efficient order entry

  • Use tailored workflows that follow advanced business rules


Cavallo makes us a better company.

-Gene Lane, COO, US Building Supply


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Revolutionize your distribution operations. Discover best practices that will supercharge your efficiency and increase profitability.

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